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Project Description
A .NET audio, sound, and music playback library - a libVLC wrapper. netAudio allows the playback of MPEG files (MP3, etc), WMA, WAV, MP4, OGG, REAL, raw audio, FLAC, FLV, MIDI and SMF, Creative Voice and more.

netAudio also provides advanced tag editing functionality via tagLib.

This project was developed for use in in_lay along with other media-related technologies. For netAudio source and a look at the other media technologies (such as music library management or player UI design), see in_lay, a media player, which contains two libraries not yet independently released (netDiscographer (an advanced music library manager) and netGUI (an advanced skinnable UI system)).

For tag-editing functionality tagLib is used.

If you're looking for a demo of the technology, view all downloads and download the example application or check out in_lay.

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